Thomas A Murray's GitHub Page

Here you will find all my publicly available software. Enjoy responsibly!

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This page is under construction. Please check back periodically. In the meantime, feel free to contact me via e-mail about obtaining software. My contact information is available at the following pages.

R Projects

  1. loRIDE Software (Manuscript under revision for Biopharmaceutical Statistics)
  2. SepsiCool Software (Bayesian Analysis)
  3. Coming soon: Ultimate Rankings Software (Paywalled Manuscript, contact me for pre-print)
  4. Coming soon: Ord-BUB Software (Manuscript)
  5. Coming soon: Cat-BUB Software (Manuscript)
  6. Coming soon: Flexible Survival Modeling Software (Manuscript)
  7. Coming soon: GMC Prior Software (Manuscript)
  8. Coming soon: gsRAR Software (Manuscript)